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How to cultivate deep, authentic, long lasting intimacy.

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What's your one thing?

What’s that one thing you deal with? That thing that makes you feel alone? That thing you feel no one else fully understands? Even when you hang out with your besties, you might not talk about it. You know they love you, but even your bffs don’t get it. Not to place blame—they just haven’t experienced what you’re experiencing. They’d help you if they could. They just don’t know how. And maybe there isn’t any help they can give anyway. It’s that thing that makes you feel different—alienated and isolated. It’s lonely out there. But here’s the thing—someone gets it. Because someone else is dealing with the exact same thing. And that’s the beauty of social media, podcasts, and all our modern technology that allows us to connect across the miles and across the oceans. We can find someone who gets it. Kelly Palmquist and I talk about this on the podcast this week. We talk about our “one thing”—being a stepmom without our own bio kids. And also infertility—so I guess that’s 2 things! I didn’t know anyone else in that position. Until I met @kelpalms (and now others!) via Instagram. When social media is used for good, it truly is a GREAT tool! We find our people. We share our stories. We learn we’re NOT alone. What’s your one thing?


Photo credit: Brooke Cagle

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