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I'm here for you and I want to support you in the best way possible! 

If your question is complex or involved, I recommend scheduling a consultation so we can talk it out and generate solutions together. I also take questions for Love Smarter, Not Harder Instagram Reels, but due to the number of questions I receive, I cannot address them all.




Let's talk it out! Book a session to work with Elliott or me individually.


Mini Consultations

If you have just one question you'd like us to address, you can book one of our Mini Consultations. These 15 minute sessions provide customized recommendations when time is of the essence.

15 minutes: $45


Write Out Your Question

Questions placed here may be answered in an upcoming Love Smarter, Not Harder Instagram Reel, but due to the number of questions I receive, I cannot address them all. To be sure I'm able to assist you, please book a consultation.

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Text me your question! Stay tuned!

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Record Your Question

I'll answer it in an upcoming Love & Life episode (may take 2-3 weeks).


Please note: Suggestions and advice are not psychotherapy and should not be considered as such or utilized as a substitute for face to face counseling with a professional. In asking a question, it is assumed you understand Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell's Terms of Use.

I may have addressed a similar question on my You Tube channel.

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