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Karin ANderson Abrell

Individual Consultations

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Individual Consultations

Couples Consultations

Individual Consultations

Individual Consultations with Dr. Karin

After purchasing, you'll receive an email from me so we can schedule your session(s).

30 Minutes


60 Minutes


(3) 60 Minute Sessions


during our consultation, you'll:

Clarify underlying emotional and psychological concerns to discover what’s really going on!

Target limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

Learn empowering techniques from cognitive therapy to sustainably elevate your mindset and mood.

Identify relationship dynamics which impede your goals.

Generate a concrete plan for moving forward to thrive in love and life!

Please note: Consultations are not psychotherapy and should not be considered as such or utilized as a substitute for face to face counseling with a professional. In booking a consultation, it is assumed you understand Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell's Terms of Use.

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