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  • Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

Those "Pathologies" That Keep You Single will Mysteriously Disappear...

The point is, you don’t have any “pathologies” in the first place ~ obviously.

People just want to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense at all ~ the fact that you’re single.

They can’t figure it out ~ because you’re great and they know it. So they come up with explanations. “She’s probably still single because she’s too _________________________.”

And maybe they even share their theory with you, hoping they can help you fix your “tragic flaws” so love will finally come your way.

But love doesn’t work like that. It shows up when it shows up.

Know that when the right one comes along, you’ll fit together perfectly. And those qualities that supposedly kept you single will be appreciated and adored!


Photo credit: Krists Luhaers

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