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There’s a (Better) App for That: Cove Dating App!

If you’re on the dating scene, you’re probably on an app. And if you’re on a dating app, you’re probably pretty frustrated with it. Until now. Michelle (@ms.michelle.g) introduced me to Cove Dating App. Initially I was skeptical. I thought, “Really? Another way to swipe and disappoint?” But then I interviewed the creator of Cove on my podcast. And I was sold. Cove is different. Truly different. It’s not for hook-ups. It’s not for players. They have their apps. Cove is for serious minded people looking for legit connections that could go the distance. I can get behind that. We NEED that! How is Cove different? Listen to the podcast and let me know if you’re as excited as I am. I think you will be!


Photo credit: @anatavaresstudios via @unsplash

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