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  • Writer's pictureDr. Karin Anderson Abrell

The Best Part About Your Last Relationship Was You

My breakup with Kyle left me wrecked.

We’d been together (off and on) for five years. Even when we were on a break, I thought about him constantly. I’d try to date other guys, but no one compared.

We couldn’t quit each other.

But eventually, he’d had enough. And I ended up truly single for the first time in my adult life.

As I began to process the loss, I realized that much of my sadness was rooted in fear. Fear that I’d never fall in love again. Fear that our relationship was so unique, it would be impossible to find anything close to it. Fear that I’d never be a part of something as great as Karin and Kyle.

For a long time, I believed I’d had my one shot at a lifelong love—and blown it.

Until I realized—much of what was great about Karin and Kyle was what I’d brought to the relationship!

He was gone, but I still had me—and a lot of love to give the next guy!

Kyle left. But he couldn’t rob me of me . . . unless I let him.

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