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  • Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

Losing You, Losing Me

I dated Kyle for the last two years of college. We were legit in love.

But we didn’t make it—for a number of reasons—our love for each other not being one of them.

So we broke up and made up and played the “on again/off again” game for a couple years—just to drag things out a bit longer and fully torture ourselves.

When Kyle finally called it quits, I was devastated. Wasn’t all the work supposed to pay off in the end? We clearly couldn’t live without each other! Obviously that proved we were meant to be together!

But he was gone. I’d lost him.

And even worse, I’d lost myself.

In upcoming posts I’ll delve into more details as to how I found my way back to me.


Photo credit: Daniel Tafjord

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