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  • Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

I Almost Married the Wrong Guy

Fairy tale - Dating - Single Life

I wanted the fairy tale, too. But Prince Charming wasn't showing up.

So I tried to force it.

At 34, I almost married the wrong guy. But two months before the wedding, I called it off.

Yep, I was a runaway bride (more on that story in my next book.)

I ran away from the altar because I realized I'd rather stay single ~ even if it meant being alone forever ~ than live a lie.

Don't get me wrong, I was still scared!

But the fear of being alone paled in comparison to the fear of living a phony life and hating myself for settling and forever wondering "What if I'd waited for true love?"

So here's to National Unmarried & Single Americans Week and all the singletons who face their fears head-on in order to live authentically!

Photo by Ansley Ventura on Unsplash

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