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  • Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

Ghosting Woes - Don’t Act Like a Couple Before You’re Legitimately a Couple

Ghosting hurts.

We feel rejected, disrespected, and angry!

Legitimate feelings for sure.

But I wonder if sometimes we’re also mad at ourselves.

We gave a lot to the relationship. Did we give too much?

When getting to know someone, it’s tempting to want to show how great you are and how great a relationship with you will be.

We give our time, our emotions, our bodies. We show our potential gf or bf all we have to offer. But in doing so, we act as if we’re a couple.

When we’re not.

Which makes the ghosting even more painful.

And makes us mad at ourselves for giving too much too soon.

I go into more depth on this topic on the podcast: Ghosting:  Cowardice or Kindness


Photo by Jordan Jensen on Unsplash

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