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  • Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

Drama Free Zone

Funny thing, the people who claim to hate drama are always the ones bringing it.

Have you ever noticed that people who talk about NOT wanting drama in their lives are typically the ones bringing it to the table?

People with drama free lives don’t talk about drama—it’s not on their radar. And if it shows up, they cut it out immediately.

Simple as that.

Simple, but not easy.

It’s not always easy because sometimes the drama queen is a coworker and you sit in the adjacent cubicle.

Or the drama king is a family member and you’re obligated to see each other at reunions and holidays.

Or she’s your #BFF—you’ve been friends for years and you can’t just cut her out of your life.

Or can you?

Should you?

Depends on how badly you want a #drama free life . . .


Photo credit: Isaiah Rustad from Unsplash
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