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  • Writer's pictureDr. Karin Anderson Abrell

Better Too Picky Than Not Picky Enough

I used to hear it all the time when I was single, “You must be too picky!”

I suppose they were trying to be helpful.  But it wasn’t helpful.

When they said this to me, what I heard was, “you’re not allowed to be selective anymore.  You’ll just have to hope someone—anyone—will still want to be with you.”

Really? So, you’re saying I’m NOT supposed to be selective when choosing a #lifepartner?

What kind of horrible advice is that!?!  We’re talking forever here!

But here’s what might be behind these comments—not everyone is picky. And maybe they’re just a little envious of you for having the strength to hold out for an extraordinary relationship!

Listen, I didn’t judge others for not being picky enough (well, maybe deep down I did judge them a little, but at least I didn’t SAY anything to them!)

So why did they have to give me snide comments for being #picky?

I put it this way in my book,

“No judgment for marrying whatever man for whatever reason. If a good-enough guy who’ll provide a good-enough life is good enough, great! But if you want a husband who’s your best friend, best lover, and best partner then by all means, be PICKY!”


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