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I want to offer you insider perk pricing —deep discounts on consultations with me.


Group Consultations

After purchasing, you'll receive an email from me providing the next steps.

25% off!



In Love & Life support groups you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of connecting with like-minded women. You’ll feel encouraged and empowered by others endeavoring to thrive in life and relationships. Topics include: dating and relationships, single living, breakup recovery, maintaining an empowered mindset and so much more! We meet 2 hours every other week for 8 sessions.

What to expect in group support:

A safe and confidential environment.

Honest and candid feedback from others who want the absolute best for you!

Goal clarification and development.

Greater understanding of emotional/psychological issues that block your progress.

Strategies and techniques from cognitive therapy to help you elevate your mindset and mood.

Please note: Consultations are not psychotherapy and should not be considered as such or utilized as a substitute for face to face counseling with a professional. In booking a consultation, it is assumed you understand Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell's Terms of Use.

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